Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Struggles at the gym

So if you didn't know last week the doctor gave me permission to do whatever I want. This week we decided to start going to the gym. Monday was great I ran on the eliptical for 50 min and I was alright. Tonight, however, I tried a different eliptical machine than mondays. I was all excited cause I had my nike watch and heart rate monitor; I was set. So I jump on the eliptical and it says my target heart rate should be 158 and don't you worry my heart rate on the easiest setting, no incline, no resistance was at 180.... so I got off and walked on a treadmill... yes that is right walked and was able to keep my heart rate at 158. Just shows how out of shape I am. Walking for me is considered a hardcore cardio workout.
No one get Bird Casino Royale for her birthday, 'cause I already did.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hi Kids!

Bob and I are very excited about this new venture, and I hope it's something we can keep up. For right now the only rule we have is...please post at least one funny story a week per kid. Also, for propriety's sake we all need to come up with psuedonyms to protect the innocent. I would recommend for privacy's sake that they don't relate to our names in real life. For example "Bobber" would be ok. It might be helpful to also come up with names for the pool of characters that we all know and love...for example, we all know who "The Gasser" is.